Barangay Quick Responder (BQR)

Fire doubles in size every 30 seconds, swells up faster in Barangays where structures are of light materials, exacerbated by kitchens with extremely flammable LPGs and kerosene for cooking.

Barangay Quick Responder (BQR) is the world’s smallest (smaller than a jeep) and the most technologically advance fire truck ever with unparalleled performance – conceptualized to meet the critical need of communities with limited access.

Nothing comes close to the BQR. With Cold Fire at the heart of the system, the BQR packs a powerful thrust equal to 1,250 gallon pumper from a single tank of 125 gallon water: suppress ten timex faster with ten times less water, thus address the pressing water supply problem during fire fighting operations. Incredibly important is the exceptional ability to diffuse conflagration when houses and structures alongside are doused with Cold Fire staves off combustion, saving the community from devastation.

The supremacy of the BQR was validated by the BFP on 23 September 2009 on an 8′ x 8′ x 8′ structure packaged with ulgra high combustible stuffs (e.g. chemicals, paints, metal, LPGs, kerosene, petrol, rubber tires, plastics, etc) disabled in 60 seconds with only 18 gallons of water. It passed the rigid tests of the Philippine ARmy (G-4) on 16 June 2010 on more demanding stuffs in 32 seconds with only 15 gallons of water. It likewise passed the acidd tests of the Quezon City government on 23 September 2010 (on twice the volume of combustible stuff used on AFP tests), which greatly impressed the City Officials meriting acquisition of the equipment for the Barangays.

Proven in the Phillippines since 1999, Cold Fire was adopted by the DILG in 2005 to enhance the capability of the BFP. Resolution No. 2008-002 dated 24 April 2008 of the BFP Technical Committee affirms Cold Fire as “more superior and most applicable to the firefighting demands of the BFP and none among others is considered possible/stuitable replacement.” Cold Fire is the only fire suppressant complying with three suppressant listings: Environment Protection Agency (EPA), US Department of Agriculture (USDA), and Underwriters’ Laboratories. We hold the exclusive rights to the BQR and all COld Fire products in the Philippines.

The annals of the BFP is steeped with Cold Fire performance on all classes of fire. In one of the most exacting fire of the century inside a 1,600 sq.meters vault of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), hundreds and millions worth of invaluable security papers for printing Banknotes were in gripped of destruction that Cold Fire was resorted to when all else failed on Day 1 that saved the day for the money supply of the country. On enquiry on the role of Cold Fire at the BSP blaze, the BFP responded that it is great "where the magnitude has reached uncontrollable lelvel as it practically decrease the intensive heat generated by burning objects, hence, the unbearable conditions is minimized enough for firefighters to penetrate the innermost portion to combat the flames."

Beneath the BQR are the best of three worlds: a nimble US Military Specs four-wheel drive John Deere “Gator” ATUV; Cold Fire system, and a 20 GPM Darley Pump with head reach of four-storey building.

The ravages of fire are a constant threat. Contact us today and learn how you can deliver the life saving and property preserving capabilities of the Barangay Quick Responder to your citizens and stakeholders.

BQR by Cold Fire


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